Land your vision into a solid community-based business with ease and grace.

Launching your community-based business and feel like you need some guidance and support to get there? Does the thought of grounding your vision into a solid business model seem like too much to go at alone? I’ve been there.

Building an online business can easily lead you into some serious frustration, which ultimately hinders your ability to get your transformational message out into the world and your community off the ground. Often, visionaries will get stuck with the barrage of business models, technical details, and self-worth issues that come up in the process and it can hold them back for weeks, months, or even years. If you’re experiencing that yourself, not only can I empathize, but I can also provide a solution.

Together, we can get your vision into an actionable plan that balances the five core components of successful community-based businesses. In as little as three months, you will be launching your online business and producing high-value content that attracts new members, engages them in deep conversation, and grows your membership base & bottom line.

During our sessions you will be guided to create a community-based business that is aligned with your vision, values, and core message. Our sessions together will also support your own development as a conscious leader and allow you to move through the typical challenges that you are likely to face as you launch and grow your platform with more ease and grace.

Coaching & Consultancy for the Conscious Visionary

I offer two different programs to support you in building your community-based business. My coaching program allows you to get really clear on your plan and take specific steps to get your community going and growing.

My consulting program adds another level of service by dedicating eight hours per month of consulting work to complete specific tasks related to a successful launch of your community-based business. Whether you need help building a platform, developing content, or creating an attraction strategy and marketing campaign, I will help you sort out the details and launch a high-quality product.

Each program is designed for us to collaborate together and complete the following:

1. Analyze your business vision
2. Get clear on the five components of your community-based business
3. Implement a plan and take specific actions between our sessions to design, develop, and implement each component
4. Launch your community-based business and attraction strategy

Both programs come with full support so you can move through any challenges, blocks, or questions that come up during the process.

Which one feels right for you?

Not ready yet?

It’s cool. I don’t take commitment lightly either. And I want to make sure that you’re comfortable and feel fully supported to unleash your genius at a time that’s right for you.

If right now is not that time, here’s some more ways you can learn about and engage with me, and more importantly, steps you can begin to take right now to create your online, community-based business.


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