Discover how to put all of the pieces of your community-based business together in a deliberate and balanced way.

Building a Community-Based Business Shouldn’t Overwhelm You Be Fun

I get it. When you’re stepping into your power as a leader and creating an online business that delivers your message in a soulful way, there’s a lot to think about, organize, and deliver.

From curating high-value content to creating a platform that connects your members, allows them to collaborate, and keeps them engaged – people are counting on you to provide that safe space where they can transform their lives.

Add to that the need to develop consistent recurring revenue – grounding your big vision into a business that produces results can quickly lead to anxiety and overwhelm.

And there’s a lot of noise out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, most of it seems to focus on the wrong things.

Your well-intended quest for clarity ends up in information overload, some serious frustration, and a little less hair.

What once got you fired up now feels like more like a big ball of confusion and self-doubt. That’s probably not how you wanted this experience to unfold.

But you’re a manifesting genius, right? So why not choose a higher path?

Community-based businesses deliver exceptional results and sustainably thrive when these five core components come into a place of balance:


How you attract, on-board, develop, engage, and retain your tribe.



How you fulfill your potent potential as a conscious leader, make an impact in the world, and influence & empower your tribe to do the same.


How you design, develop, and deliver high-value content and courses that cultivate skills, behaviors, and results for your learners.



How you build your community platform, whether online or off, so that it provides the container and tools for members to collaborate and co-create.


How you foster a culture that serves a higher purpose in the world and is aligned with your community’s vision, values, goals, and objectives.


The content, training, and services I provide are crafted specifically for people like you – the changemakers who are stepping up to serve the world in powerful ways.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started, looking for ways to grow your community, or want to optimize your community to perform at its highest potential, we can make your goals a reality by balancing the core components that your community (and bottom line) needs to sustainably grow and thrive.

You should be spending your time working your genius, not racking your brain figuring out how to generate consistent revenue and community growth.

And let me be clear, this isn’t some cookie-cutter formula for quick success.
And it’s certainly not the next iteration of marketing funnel madness.

Because, when it comes to community, one-size DOESN’T fit all and feeling manipulated by shitty sales tactics sucks. #truthinadvertising

This is about heart-based and empathy-driven connection, active member engagement, and community collaboration: the kind of stuff that feels really good, empowers people to thrive, and intrinsically motivates them to want more.

The processes and strategies I’ve developed are backed by behavioral sciences like sociology, anthropology, and psychology, and are reinforced through methodologies of how people learn and grow best. And the results speak for themselves.

When you commit to bringing the core components of your community-based business into balance, remarkable change begins to happen.

Your platform stands on a solid foundation.

Your products and services produce predictable monthly results and steady growth.

Your revenues are consistent.

Your products and services produce predictable monthly results and steady growth.

Your community members commit to your business.

Your community has the leadership in place that increases collaboration and keeps people actively engaged and committed to your brand.

You have a business model that thrives.

Your community-based business easily scales with new products and service offerings.

Your content truly transforms.

Your articles, blog posts, insights, and courses accelerate the pace of your members’ personal growth and development, turning them into champions for your brand.

You have the freedom to make a bigger impact.

Your community is self-sustaining, allowing you (and your members) the freedom to make a greater impact in the world through service.