Hi. I’m Brian D’Angelo.

I partner with conscious entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and enhance their community-based businesses. Together, we create the culture, content, and the container that helps to transform people’s lives. Because I believe that together we can co-create big change in the world.


I study successful transformational businesses – businesses with extremely valuable messages that foster spiritual, personal, and professional growth and development. I seek to uncover the methods and strategies that make their communities vibrant and impactful.  Then, I share what I learn on my blog and with my clients through my coaching and consultancy services.

I certainly don’t know it all. But, I commit to learn more every day and do my best to share what I’ve discovered.

Want to learn more?  Read my story below.

I Believe. . .

  • Creating a better world starts by creating a better self.
  • Creating a better self begins by unlocking and cultivating the creative genius that lies within.
  • When an individual actualizes their potent potential, permission is granted for others to do the same.
  • Collaboration and co-creation are more powerful than going it alone.
  • In the power of teachers, healers, and guides to light the way.
  • Learning is an ongoing process and not a one-time event.
  • In asking for help.
  • Mistakes mean you’re trying and committed to your own growth.
  • In community that comes together and lifts each other up.
  • Engaged communities have the ability to move the world forward in amazing ways.

How I Got Here

Arriving at these core beliefs has been a journey unto itself: a lifelong process of waking up to who I really am, what my unique gifts and abilities are, and how I can best utilize them to be in service to the world.

The apex of my journey has led to creating my life’s work: cultivating awareness around the power of personal growth and development within deeply connected and engaged communities.

The big question that drives me…

“How can we best leverage people, information, and technology to raise the consciousness on this planet in the most effective and efficient way possible?

To answer that question, I utilize three intrinsic motivations:

  1. My fascination with learning everything I can in the fields of behavioral psychology, consciousness studies, sociology, and anthropology.
  2. My professional dedication to the fields of adult learning and development, performance management, and community engagement & development.
  3. My own, often hard-learned, experience as a messy, vulnerable, and constantly evolving human being.

I commit these core desires to one primary goal and purpose: sharing my experience and the knowledge I collect with you, so you can build a deeply engaged community of co-creators who collectively raise the consciousness on this planet.

I’ll be the first to admit, the strategies, processes, and tools I use in my work often contradict a lot of the popular internet marketing funnel formulas out there.  There’s a big reason for that:

I believe in the value of building deep relationships, not just email lists.

My work helps heart-full entrepreneurs create communities that are built on five, balanced components:






When these components are intentionally balanced, they help to create a community which fosters deep and lasting connections.  They provide a safe space where people feel welcomed and fully supported to make major changes in their lives.  As a result, transformation happens fuller and faster.  And that provides the momentum to make a bigger impact in the world.

I’m honored and in a deep place of gratitude to be able to share what I know and learn with people like you.  It’s my hope that the content I post, and the coaching and consulting services I deliver, can help reduce the anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm you may experience while stepping into your full power to share your invaluable message with the world.


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