Grow your community-based business consciously and deliberately.

Growing your community-based business and feel like you need some guidance and support to get where you want to be? Are you looking for strategies that help you connect with your members at a deeper level, increase the value they receive, and drive revenue that consistently grows over time? If so, I’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve got your community-based business off the ground, your attention needs to turn to attracting members, actively engaging them, selling your products and services (whether new or existing), and increasing retention. With so much to focus on, advanced beginners can easily get stuck. What’s the right mix of strategies that produce the best results? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure it out, I can help you.

Together, we can tap the pulse of your community’s health to discover:

  1. What’s preventing your community from achieving the growth you desire?
  2. What obstacles are preventing engagement from your existing members?
  3. What’s the signal to noise ratio of your content, products, and services, and how can we increase it so you stand out in the crowd?

In as little as three months, we can pinpoint critical gaps in your community-based business and implement strategies to fill them. You’ll be growing your membership base, implementing new revenue opportunities, and increasing repeat purchases.

Coaching & Consultancy for the Advanced Beginner

I offer the Advanced Beginner two different programs to support the growth of your community-based business.  My coaching program takes stock of your current online community and together we come up with specific action steps you can take to increase attraction, engagement, and retention of your members.  I’ll also show you how to balance out the components that are underperforming so you can see consistent grow all the way around.

My consulting program adds another level of service by dedicating consulting work to complete specific tasks related to growing your community-based business.  Whether you need support designing and implementing a member attraction campaign, designing and developing content that truly transforms, or re-structuring your platform (and the roles within them) to provide a better user experience, I will partner with you to get your community vibrantly growing.

Each program is designed for us to collaborate together and complete the following:

  1. Analyze the current health of your community through key metrics
  2. Design a strategy to increase attraction, engagement, and retention of your community members
  3. Implement that strategy through the five components of your community
  4. Re-structure your informational products and services to provide more consistent revenue, and your platform for a better user experience

Both programs come with full support so you can move through any challenges, blocks, or questions that come up during the process.

Which one feels right for you?

Not ready yet?

It’s cool. I don’t take commitment lightly either. And I want to make sure that you feel safe and fully supported to unleash your genius when you’re good and ready.

If right now is not that time, here’s some more ways you can learn about and engage with me, and more importantly, steps you can begin to take right now to create your online, community-based business.


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